Argentine Lemons – Order now!

Vitamina Vida offers argentine lemons (Eureka, Lisboa, Génova) for the european market from now on until September. https://vitaminavida.eu/en/products/lemon

The season for southern european lemons is about to end and Europe starts importing from the southern hemisphere in the world. There were far fewer Verna lemons harvested in Spain, mainly due to the abundant spring rainfall. Verna, this typically second-half-of-the-season variety follows on from the Fino or Primofiori varities. This year almost only half of Verna volumes compared to the previous year are available, which creates room for overseas produce. Verna lemons might run out in the second half of June, while they are supposed to be available on the market until early August.

We are happy to support european importers in filling the expected Verna lemon shortage well. There are enough lemons available in Argentina for the export market this season. The good whether conditions within the last few month in Túcuman and Salta resulted in a large harvest and a high product quality.

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